creating grouped placeable modulare objects? help

I want to create place-able wall encirclement for my RTS that would be made of separate wall segments. each one of the wall segments could be damageable and once damage would swap out the clean wall with the damaged section once it took damage…

I am looking for any blue print references that show how to do this?

I am able to get it to place one wall segment but I really want to be able to make it so I can have the user be able to place a semi box encirclement of a number of wall sections and not have to place or drag each one.

For generating the wall chunks: - though instead of adding a mesh component you’ll want to spawn your wall segment actor.

The mesh swapping is pretty easy, at the most basic level, just on event anydamage, set your static mesh to the damaged one. Though I’ll assume you want the walls to have a certain amount of health, so just set that up and trigger the mesh change once the health goes below a certain level. You could easily have multiple damage levels too.

ok got that working, just one further question, is there a way to have make it only be placed if it detects its placing as attaching to another wall section end or attachment point on a tower section?

Hmm, good question. I guess you would have to do a trace or overlap and check the results for other walls or towers. If any are found, get their position (and rotation probably) and line up the new wall sections.