Creating great looking games?


I have been playing around with ue4 for quite some time now and just making random projects just for fun. Now that I know a lot more about ue4, im looking to make my first legit game to possibly earn a little extra money on the side. After thinking of some ideas, im ready to create something. But my question is, how do you create the game to look great? For example, games on the market such as angrybirds, plants vs zombies and other games, they all look bright and colorful. The lighing looks great and its sharp looking. How do I create a mobile game with those kinds of looks? Every time I try to create a mobile game like that, the colors and lighting always look dull. No mater if its 2d or 3d. If anyone has any advice that would be great! Thank you again,


-you need plenty of experience to create a good looking game :slight_smile:
-just play around with the lightning a little bit so that you get used to it
-you also need a good eye for the colours -> I have seen a good video about that somewhere on the internet…I will try to find it again

So the thing that I would recommend you -> take a look at some finished games and “study” them + learning by doing :wink:

  • still looking for that video? :slight_smile:

I found it :smiley:


Thanks for that video, @. I’m less knowledgeable about color than I should be – considering all the art classes I’ve taken – and it’s always good to get a refresher course on stuff like that. A great find there.

In addition to lighting, post processing can be invaluable. =)


Make a good Pre=Prodution document than you will get a good game think out evrything before hand, before you start.

Definitely Pre-Produce, but also understand that your game SHOULDN’T be rigid.

Don’t feel like you need to stick with your documentation, change it as you go.

~ Jason

Thanks , as always you rock :smiley: