Creating generic templates out of game assets

A template is a project that has the framework for a game. The framework would be basically a skeleton of your game. You would need to work with this framework skeleton to create new content that would compliment your game. So to create a template you would need to compile all your assets in order to have a skeleton of a game. This skeleton would then have assets copied and pasted while modifying them to make the game come to life.

I’m interested in basically knowing if I could compile a game template with just the editor.

It’s also important to note that these templates are supposed to be created as generic skeletons of existing games. Meaning that the templates will be worked with to create clones of existing games. A clone would be identical in features.

For example I’d like to create a WoW clone. By creating a template of a WoW clone I’d be able to implement content identical to WoW. I’d be crafting instances and gear and quests etc.