Creating Games in UE4 : 780ti vs Titan Black

Hello Everyone,

I have settled on a game make and with that, also decided to upgrade my 2GB SC 660ti.
I’m caught between an EVGA 780ti ACX Classified/Kingpin and the EVGA Titan Black SC (Signature).

Now, I know the Titan offers higher performance on FP64 situations, but when exactly will that be used (if at all)?
Mainly will UE4, 3ds Max, etc. use FP64 computing in any way?
As a game developer, will the Titan benefit me in any way over the 780ti?

So which card do you guys think would be the best to choose and why?

Fell free to ask for any additional information.

Thanks in Advance.

I don’t think you’ll get a huge amount of benefit from the Titan outside of it’s greater memory capacity. The 780 is probably a much better choice for games :slight_smile:

Its not just your GPU that matters. Your also going to need a pretty beefy CPU and as much RAM as you can pack into your PC. I often find that my bottle necks when using UE4 have less to do with GPU and more to do with my CPU and RAM.

When you start making your game you need to consider which market are you going to develop for, low end or high end, because very little consumers own high-end hardware, like me I would love to go full out but I have to consider that my game needs to playable as well and not just look pretty xD

Thanks for all your responses so far.

In terms of my PC I’m using an i7-4770k, with 32 GBs of RAM.
So with that said, in terms of UE4 a “Compute Card” isn’t really need I just need something that can be pushed?

Unless you want to pull of some fancy physx stuff you won’t really need a heavy compute card, but UE4 doesn’t support gpu physx support at the moment anyway. so you are going to rely more on your cpu.

Well in that case it looks like the 780ti will be the better option.
I’m sure the 780ti can push itself to do computing if it just so happens that a program asks for it (since I won’t do any physx).

Just one last question. What about the 780ti compared to a 290x?
I know the 290x is slightly worse in terms of gaming, but does it have benefits in development or is it basically the same thing (or worse)?

The 780ti will be more then enough, when I get the chance I will upgrade to a R9 290x but that is just personal preferences, stick to the 780ti because UE4 is build around Nvidia support so their cards will perform better with the Engine. I have experienced that reality first hand.

Hey, thanks for all the help.
I’ll be sticking with the 780ti then.
I’m happy someone finally gave me a straight answer.

Thanks Again.

No problem bro, glad I could help :slight_smile: