Creating for cross platform.

Are there any guidelines for this.

I need to create the best quality on desktop then lower on mobile devices.

Is this handled automatically by the engine (ie does it dumb down on lower powered mobile devices.

Any help appreciated.



First off you need the appropriate system. You need Windows to make a Windows game, Apple for Apple. Secondly your assets need to be done right. A mobile character would look like garbage on a desktop or console and a desktop or console character would cripple a mobile device (too many polygons etc.). So, in short, you’d have to make a seperate game for each platform.


I was thinking more on the environment as I am using it to demonstrate window frames in buildings.

So if I create a high quality environment that looks good on desktop does the Unreal engine downgrade this on a mobile device or will it simple slow down to a crawl ?



No it does not. You have to do both. UE4 has no way of knowing what you expect the low poly version to look like. And, depending on the device, it will definitely slow down to a crawl if it even works at all. I’ve seen games that were designed for tablets that wouldn’t even download onto the device they were designed for. And it sounds like you’re doing architecture work which is a lot crazier than a game as far as detail goes.