Creating follicle texture from groom asset


Im trying to generate a follicle texture from a groom asset. If I understand correctly it should create a texture from projecting the roots with some radius to the surface of a mesh. As you can use multiple meshes with the same groom asset I dont understand where should I select which asset it should project the data to.

Here is the mentioned pane.

Here is the documentation:

So it seems there is still not much information out there about this. I’ve been searching for it but can’t find anyone talking about this…

From the tests I’ve done it does not seem that the follicle Mask creation depends on any Static or Skeletal Mesh. You can create them just with the groom asset by itself without any SM present.

Then I thought it might have to do with the RootUVs but it seems to also not be the case. I imported the same groom twice but with different transforms (changed in the import dialog) and then generated follicle Masks for both imported grooms. The results were different and completely dependant on the transform that I changed. Which leads me to believe that it’s using a worldspace component to generate the msk.

This still leaves me confused on how to get a follicle mask that is done using a uv set from a Static mesh…

If anyone can shed some light on this it would be greatly appreciated.

Same issue here. It is unclear what the workflow is.