Creating Folders?

Hey All,

It sorta baffles me that this is a problem, but alas it is. I can’t create folders to organize my code. I tried doing it in the folder structure itself to no avail. I get the error:

"All source code for “VehicleGameLoadingScreen” must exist within C:/projects/…/Source/VehicleGameLoadingScreen/

I need to build code that is used across many scenes and levels. I have found many issues around this with no resolutions. What is the way to actually create folders and subfolders to place my C++ code?



You can create “folders” (filters) inside of Visual Studio, which basically are like folders, except the file-name doesnt change. Just right click on your project entry in the solution explorer (where it says “Ballistiq” in the provided image), go to Add -> New Filter

Then you can name this filter and simply drag files into there, and voila, you have your folders :slight_smile:

Also for existing files, you can create a new physical folder on your HDD, as long as it’s under (in your example) the Source/VehicleGameLoadingScreen/ directory. Then rearrange your code files in Windows Explorer and then tell Unreal Editor to “Refresh Visual Studio Project” and it will regenerate the VS project file with your new directory structure in place.

I add filters and c++ classes to my Visual Studio Project, but they do not get loaded by the editor. It undoes everything I do. It is a bit frustrating that some of the basics like code filter and file creating is such a pain in the butt. The files are still on disk though. I add existing back in, reset my structure, try to regenerate my visuals tudio files and viola it undoes it all over again…

Edit -> Default it places things in the intermediate folder. Need to ensure its placed inthe Source folder.

Not sure I’ve got it all figured out yet, but working through it at least…

Still not showing in editor…