Creating Flying Character: Please Help

I am somewhat new to Unreal 4. I am working on a dragon (Currently fly mode only) And I am having the hardest time trying to get it to fly. All the tutorials I see are from 4.75 and related to Pawns not Character. I believe that is what is stopping me. I have attached my model to the flying mode blueprint but would rather learn how to do this myself and properly. Can anyone point me to a recent tutorial or possibly guide me through how to make a proper starter flight model. I have followed this tutorial here but to no avail and I think it is because it’s pawn not character related, which appears to be the old way of doing things

Flying stuff is not easy in ue4. Ive noticed that much myself.
A while ago I was working on some hobby stuff of mine with a flying character, basically a girl with a “tribal” wingsuit with which she could also takeoff and fly like bird.
I looked into the flying blueprint from the spaceship example project in ue4 but that isnt really worth anything, feels like some invisible giant kid is holding the ship on a stick - super clunky and really far away from smooth intuitive flying.
Next I tried the flying mode in character movement component. Only spent a few hours looking into it but I could get anything out. I needed to have gravity still play a role which I wasnt able to do. That and some other aspects of organic flight felt impossible or at least really hard to implement, so I ditched that too.
What I ended up doing was probably not the simplest of solutions either, but it felt more approachable than the first two:
I used the falling mode in character movement component. Basically entering a specific state while falling if the speed along a certain axis was greater then a certain value and pressing a certain key. Adding some additional forces to control the flight. Took me a weekend to get it where its at right now. But im rather happy with it. Tho there is lots of things I could finetune and improve overall. Maybe I will when I have more time and motivation to go back.
In case you are curious how it looks like, I made a video demonstrating this a while ago, roughly explaining it.

I suppose doing something similar would be the best compromise between quality and ease to implement.

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Apparently my earlier post didn’t happen. I saw this last night. It is actually friggin awesome what you did. I was even wondering what game it went to. Thank you by the way.

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I made a video trying to explain how it all works, breaking down animgraphs and blueprints and such. this can help you. Let me know if you have any questions.