Creating First Person camera

Hey looking to create a first person camera that i can control with my controller inputs such as my mouse,Keyboard and xbox controller just like the first person template. My controls are working great that i set up but i cant seem to figure out how to connect the controls into my camera.
I know i can use the first person template and delete the arms etc but i want to do this for learning purposes and i cant find any resources on how to do this

Any help will be great.

I attached some images of my scenes blueprints and my camera setup

I moved it to blueprints.

As to camera:
first step in new project you need to setup gamemode and player pawn (maybe also player controller). So create custom game mode blueprint “BP_GameMode”, and your pawn: “BP_Pawn”
in pawn add camera arm and camera arrange it so arm is attached to scene root and camera is attached to arm.
Now open BP_GameMode and point it to BP_Pawn in properties. Then open project settings (editor tab in menu, then project settings) ther in maps and modes point it to BP_GameMode.
Make your axis input events and keyboard events in project settings under input.

When you have all that done. Add your input events in BP_Pawn,

in this topic i posted pictures with my setup:

Hey Nawrot

Thank you for your time this is a huge help.
I just like to understand things first before i use any small shortcuts or help to achieve the same thing such as the first person template.
Il check it out now

Kind regards
Steven Sim