Creating First Person Animations In Blender For Unreal (Camera Help)

I have a rig, I’ve imported it into Unreal, and I can animate in Blender. So you might be asking “Why did you post a question to the forum, if you have everything setup and already working?”. As my title says my problem is, when I look through my camera in Blender, it has vastly different settings than the camera in Unreal, so the animation does not look the same when I import it in (Yes, the arms are in the right position). I’ve changed the FOV, and I’ve tried to look into the focal depth, and stuff, but nothing produces a good result. So my question is, how can I look through my camera in blender, and give it have all of the settings of an Unreal camera, so the animations transfer correctly, and look how they did when I animate them in Blender? Please Help!!!