Creating Factions for RPG

How would I go about creating each group? If anyone would mind showing or explaining . Explain below or email me

Sounds like you’re trying to run before you can walk :slight_smile:

The easiest way is probably with tags. In the settings for actors you can add tags, like Faction1, Faction2, etc. Then when you’re doing your script you call “Actor Has Tag” to check it’s tag, determine if it’s the enemy faction, etc

Have you seen printed driving atlas? They have nice table of distances between 2 points.
It is usually in shape of triangle, because distance from a to B is same as from b to A.

Now for factions you make same array, but instead of distance you put how much amity/hate one faction has against other.
Then when player does quest or kills for one faction it will increase this faction standing by some amount.
But my idea assumes that your actions will also increase/decrease standing with all other factions proportionally to their between faction hate/love ratio.

More complicated version of it is that relation of faction A to B does not need to be equal of B to A.
Ie. faction A may love faction B, when B dislikes A. We see that a lot in life. :wink:

IMO that amity array for factions would make RPG faction more life like.

Thanks :smiley: After work I’ll work on it.

You can use your gamemode to set players factions. Also you can create enums with the faction information and set it to the player you want. :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley: Your idea worked! I will be using this method to make the rest.

Cool :slight_smile: ! Yeah make sure you only make such information in the gamemode if there is to much in gamemode it can cause a lot of traffic…