Creating equipment

About to try and create some equipment meshes with blender and I had some questions about it.

  1. What would the right way to go about this i.e how would you scale it to different character meshes?

  2. How would you reliably link it to the character mesh.

  3. How would you set up an inventory system to house separate equipment as well as currently equipped gear.

Thanks for the help in advance and the more detailed the better as I’m still learning :slight_smile:

  1. Just make it the right size in Blender. If you have it wrong, you’ll soon know, because when you import it, it’s the wrong size!

  2. Using sockets:

  1. A variant on this gets posted every day, I think. There is no best way of doing inventory, you just have to look at a lot of youtube stuff, and also check out the free asset