Creating Dynamic Objects (LightComponent)

Hello, I’m wanting to make a BluePrint with several presets LightComponents more unable to find a logic which functions to use it.

I like to put the BluePrint on the screen and choose the detail window maybe some kind of LightComponent dropdownlist already set that I would like to appear on the screen.

Could anyone tell me how to proceed?

you could make a user created enum. Right click by where the variables get created in the graph, and choose "Create Enum Asset. This will create an enum in the contentbrowser alongside the blueprint. Then you can use the details tab in the BP to create options for the enum.

Then you need to create an actual variable that is has the “type” set to the exact enum you just created. Then you can drag that into your BP graph and select “get” to place an instance of it. Drag off of that and select “Switch on…”

Then you get a switch node exposing all the enum outputs. Where you go from here should be very straightforward, a matter of just setting up the various settings within each branch of the switch.