Creating downlodable content (DLC)

Is it possible for a large game not to create a huge .ipa file but rather a small .ipa with the core content + several downloadable archives? Say, each level of the game would be required to be downloaded. Is there any way in UnrealEngine to control the packaging of assets in such a custom fashion?

I would investigate using UnrealPAK (.pak files).

Hi, I’m tring to make game patch using DLC.

  1. I built a relase version for my project.
  2. to mak DLC using frontend tool. but failed. because already built that base release version.

Could you mind give some addvice for making a DLC for patching the game.

Patching the games is a process that would be better done using your target platforms tools. For Steam for example you would just push an update of your build.