Creating DLL with HTTP functionalities in Unreal


Aim: Creating an C++ DLL with HTTP functionalities in visual studio and using that in Unreal Engine.

Approaches tried:

APPROACH-1: (Using Visual Studio 2017 directly for creating a DLL)
1.Tried creating normal DLL with math functionalities just for testing and it works fine in unreal on importing it.
2.Created HTTP functions in VS-2017 and faced lots of errors(Lib files missing) so i tried using CppRest SDK but still left with same.
Note: Need to know will HTTP functionalities created with basic c++ using some SDK work on Unreal on importing it ?

APPROACH-2: (Using Unreal to create a DLL)
1.Created HTTP features directly in Unreal and they are working fine.
2.Created a empty unreal project and and added a class to it. *Open the class in visual studio and create one more class via visual studio which will be turned into DLL. *Create HTTP functionalities in the newly created class via VS.(same errors - lib files missing)
So for this issue we need to link all unreal libraries.

is there any way to achieve this ?


In UE4 you can use winhttp of windows. #include <winhttp.h>

use dll?
#include “absolute path”
#pragma comment(lib,“absolute path”)
copy you dll to runtime of UE4.
debug and run (copy to): ????\Engine\Binaries\Win64
release and packing (copy to): WindowsNoEditor"you exe name"\Binaries\Win64