Creating DLC (.pak) workflow

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to figure out the workflow for creating DLC for around a week now, I gotta say I’m now really confused.
So I managed, to create pak files, and to properly load them in a packaged build of our game. The issue I’m having now is that I created another DLC on a different pc than the one used to package the game (I used Github to sync the two projects) but the DLC didn’t load even tho they shared the same code and launch profiles. It did however work by repackaging the game on that second pc.

In short, do we always have to package DLCs on the exact same pc that packaged the game?

So after more research it seemed that the issue I was having was caused by the fact that I was packaging my DLC to an encrypted pak file. The annoying thing with that seemed to be that if we are encrypting pak files, we’d need to repackaged all dlc everytime we update the main build which is quite annoying …