Creating different character movement blueprints.


Ive tried to find out how to make my character crouch in in the third person project. I eventually found out that i had to activate crouch, but my character doesnt crouch, only the camera is crouching, i need some help to make my character crouch aswell and not only the camera. I would also like som help to get my character to sprint and prone.

Any1 able to provide me with a detailed description of how to this or a video? Iam totally new to unreal engine and are trying to learn to use it the best i can and therefore appriciate all help i can get.

Best regards

You need different Locomotion Graphs. Like in the tutorial, you have idle/walk/run, you have jumping, you have punching. Then you have a set of rules that governs what the character is doing. For instance take the crouching animations apply them with the cntrl key. Then when the player presses cntrl the crouching animations will play, otherwise you get one of the other locomotion graphs.

Ok, sounds fair enough. Tho iam unsure if ive done it correctly, this is what i got and i cant get the animation to play, probably me that did something wrong. Take a look at the picture.

Is this correct or could you provide me with the right blueprint in order for this to work properly:)?

Nope. Start here: - YouTube and work your way forward. You need a State Machine that defines these different states and Locomotion Graphs. Not Blueprints. Well, you’ll need Blueprints too but not for the animations.

Alright, great thnx:D! ill take a look at those videos and see if i manage to figure it out:) Thnx alot for your help:) another question btw: can i use the third person project and build my way from there or do i need to start completly from scratch so to speak?

Hi Wardwar,

Hope the youtube video’s are helping your through.

To answer your final question you can (and should if you’re starting fresh) use any project to build the foundation of your game/project.

Let us know if you have anymore questions.

Thnx for all the replies guys. Ill check out the tips uver given me and see were it leads me:) Ill return to this post if i got any more questions, thnx alot once again:)