Creating custom weapons from scratch. HELP

Okay so i am using UE4 to make a game that i originally designed when i was in middle school i just never had the tools to begin production. its a standard Call of Duty like FPS but i was wondering… how would i go about creating guns. i dont want to just search for Ak47s and M4A1s, i took the time to hand draw weapons for my game (i can actually draw so they look realistic not like cartoony or block figured lol). Is there a way i could take what i did on paper, redesign it electronically and use that for the meshes in my game?

the only way to do this really is to 3d model the guns you want. so you would need to learn a program like blender, maya, or max. it will take alot of work to create sculpt and texture your weapons and thats after you become proficient at modeling.