Creating custom Materials for Rocket League

Hello !
I’m working on custom maps for the game Rocket League.
I’m using UDK from february 2013 because Rocket League uses it.
I created all the meshes and I can apply materials and use textures but only those from the Engine folder from UDK (C:\UDK\UDK-2013-02\Engine). I’m trying to apply custom materials that can be displayed in-game.
I created a custom UPK file with a texture and a material. It works fine when I apply it in UDK, it displays but when I launch Rocket League, it only displays the default material (blue and white tiles)
I looked in the log files to see where the problem comes from, and I found this :
" [0037.28] Log: Missing cached shader map for material testy_D_Mat, quality 0, compiling.

[0037.28] Log: Can’t compile testy_D_Mat with seekfree loading path on console, will attempt to use default material instead

[0037.28] Warning: Warning, Failed to compile Material EngineDebugMaterials.Textures.testy_D_Mat for platform PC-D3D-SM3, Default Material will be used in game." So the game can’t use the material as it is not compiled (as I understood it anyways)
Now how can I make it work? I discovered UDK a few days ago only so I don’t have much experience with it.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? Having the same issue.

I’ve spent many weeks trying to figure out how to use custom textures/materials in Rocket League, as I am working on a SNES Mario Circuit 3 map. Everyone I’ve talked to has the same problem as yours, and it seems nobody knows the answer. However, there is a map or two in the workshop that actually do have custom materials included.

ShipYarrr and Stadium (SARPBC)

I’ve been going through their .upk files (located usually at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\252950) and they actually have the textures converted into LightmapTextures. If you have any idea how to compile the textures into only lightmaps, I think we can get to the bottom of this mystery.

I’m working on figuring out how to do this as well, so if I do find out how, I will tell you.