Creating Custom Character

Hi, I’m new to Unreal (but have experience in 3ds Max and Blender) and I am currently working on a new game that uses the Unreal Gaming engine.

However, one of the main characters of the game is based off of my friend, but I do not know how to create a 3D version of him into Unreal (like an almost exact copy). Can anyone help?

Possibly get a decent enough 3D scanner then rig up the model and create some animations (or use the stock ones).

Find app that allow you scan for 3D scanning.

123 catch by Autodesk? Good example.

Then use 3D Max - surface tool where you can “brush” base character mesh to match scan mesh…
Then render to texture tool to render the photograph scan into base character texture without re-do uv map.

I can post up a tutorial list if you don’t get my bad English…

So how am I suppose to 3D scan a full size human being…?

With something like 123 Catch you wouldn’t be scanning them as such. You’d be getting them the stand incredibly still and then taking a bunch of photos of them from all possible angles.

I believe the process is called photogrammetry.

Ok, and hopefully this will be hi-res right? I’m trying to am for The Divison level of detail for characters here. Can I rig the character up later? And are there any rent a 3D scanner shops in NYC where I can just bring my friend there and they’ll do the 3D scanning there?

Anyone? Any help would be appreciated.

As in whole body? Ah, that would be bad idea and too high for polygon count.
I’ll do it for you. Can you PM me what you need and what you can offer… I work this Monday to Friday.

Yea, that’s why I didn’t want to use 123d. I can offer you the beta, but that’s all I have to offer.

Does anyone know of another way to make an accurate model of my friend?

Hire a good zbrush artist and give them a bunch of reference photos.

I think even with 3d scanning you would have retopologise the mesh for it to be usable in a game engine. Especially as you want to rig and animate it.

I’m the asset and content manager of a fair size development team working on a project for the love of the game and one of the most time consuming project is the development of unique player models that uses the same development pipeline but at the same time keeps our artist on the same road map as to the technical requirements to ensure that every player model uses the same pathway. To work towards filling this need we started by looking at Daz Studio with the introduction of the Genesis alpha or procedural frame work which offered a few interesting must watch features but the resource hit at the time was to high and there was not an engine available at the time that did not have unrestricted features to harvest assets with out unreasonable per-processing requirements.

With Unreal 4 limitations is no longer a factor as in being able to export to FBX and importing into UE4 with out resolution limitations found in most “game” engines and with improvements made with the Genesis 3 frame work Daz Studio is now by far the most advanced alpha or procedural framework even though including the app in the pipeline should be considered as being a first adopter.

The long way of saying as a ways and means Daz Studio and Genesis 3 does have the capacity and abilities to fill your current needs by the use of always improving tools and the addition of plug-in solutions of converging technologies.

The deal maker for our picky artists is the addition of the GoZ bridge where the base frame work can be exported to Zbrush, modified as to requirements, and then imported back into Daz3d as a full body morph injector so remodeling the G3M base to look like your buddy is possible.

Well I use Artec Eva with their Software. Yep I had to make retopology, cause high poly mesh is high poly, actually extreme high poly. The advantage is that I get very accurate, colorful scan which i use to bake texture maps.