Creating collision help

I’ve been experimenting all weekend on how to get good concave collision in Unreal and I was hoping someone might have some cool trick I’m missing.
I’m working on a VR game and I have free movement with collision which is all working great with simple colliders.
Now I want to detect higher res collision for when the camera goes through the wall so I can black it out. I have cliffs and rocks so my environment is not simple flat walls.

As a test I simply switched the collision to use complex which didn’t slow down the game as much as I thought it would, however its not a solid object like a convex simple collider, so as soon as I lean too far into the rock wall, the collider stops colliding as I pass out the other side.

Are there any tricks or plugins to creating multiple solid hulls in maya ?

I tried using the “Auto Convex Collision” Tool in Unreal, but on my first test I found a hole big enough to walk through.