Creating collision for a mesh race track


I’ve found this subject has been covered before but the answers don’t seem to work in the current version of UE4

I have created and imported a .fbx static mesh of a race track from 3Ds Max. I want the vehicle to be able to smoothly drive along this but no matter what settings I chose from the collisions it’s nowhere near representing the track.

Ideally I don’t want to create hundreds of collision volumes and import them with it, if there a way to force the engien to use the mesh for collision? The solution given in the link above doesn’t seem to be available anymore.

Any help appreciated!

Go into the static mesh asset, locate collision project defaults, change to *use complex as simple. *If this is NOT producing the collisions you need, the next thing to do is switch on *show collision *(where you would see lit/unlit view options) and make sure there’s no funny business with the road and surrounding geometry. It could be that you’re using a plane to draw the road, but it might be better to use a box. I could help more with more info.

Thank you! That worked perfectly!!! Tutorials could really do with highlighting that option.