Creating cloth a curtain using Unreal's Cloth tools

So I have been reading that Unreal 4.18 has a new and easy cloth tool, but I cannot seem to figure it out. From what I have gathered is the new clothing tool can only be used on Skeletal meshes. So my question is… How does one create a simple plane or a thin cube with a skeletal mesh so I could convert it to a flowing/moving curtain?

i have looked at the Content Examples, but I still an unsure how to make a Plane a Skeletal Mesh.

Thank you. I have tried doing my due dilegence in searching YouTube and the likes, but mostly all I found was people animating the clothes on a character.

skin the whole plane with one bone, that makes it a skeletal mesh, bring it in UE4 and paint away cloth. simple.

Thank you [USER=“202133”] K[/USER] . Is this something that can be done entirely inside of UE4? Or could you recommend and easy 3d editor, easier than Blender?

You can’t do it UE, you need a 3d software, Blender, max or Maya. No easy 3d software anywhere in the world but for something like what i mentioned should be trivial task.