Creating Characters

Hi guys i know this may not be the exact place for my topic, however it will be imported into UE4.

I want to make a Character, ive searched through countless tutorials and ive used MakeHuman. Ive made the character, exported it as an FBX with a HumanIK rig.
I have a lot of BVH files that i want to use for my Character, how do i Retarget a BVH to my rig ? Does it make it more difficult if the BVH has 4 bones per finger and my model only has 3, or if the BVH has 2 spine joints and i have 3 ?

many thanks


I currently have:

Autodesk Maya 2014
Autodesk 3ds Max 2014
Blender 2.7
Autodesk Motion builder 2014

This may be of some help:

Make Human has a Blender PlugIn “Make Walk”.
Export your MakeHuman character as MHX and import it to Blender.
Activate the MakeWalk-PlugIn and use button “Load and Retarget”, to import your BVH-file.
If your file is good, you are ready to export as FBX and import to Unreal.

Thanks guys, You know theres not many forums out there or Engines that have such a helpful Community! Thumbs up to you all