Creating character poses without third party programs? (maya, max, blender)

Is there an easy way to create simple static poses for a character without involving a 3d program, like maya max.

My theoretical work around otherwise is building a tool into ue4, where I can pose a character and then just use a basic fbx template and override rotation translation of the bones.

I know it’ is possible to override the positions of bones in the actuall animation.

My problem derrives out of the fact that I don’t have an artist, no license for maya or max and with all the coding, no time to learn blender.

And for my purposes, I would get a way with the basic walk animation of the TPP skeleton, and just blending poses to the upper body.

Short answer… Nope. No time to learn Blender = No time to get this done.

I will focus on a code solution for this then.
Feels like something people could have use for, or not. :smiley:
Well I do atleast.

Its coming

Cool cool.
The question is the priority I guess compared to other things.

Yup, hard to know, seems it all gets done within 2-3 months