Creating buildings for game

A friend of mine and I are creating buildings and sections of our world. How do we import the levels to a new level to combine everything. I know that sounds confusing. I made a building he made a few buildings, how do we put all of our buildings together into one project on one level. I am very new to this, thanks for any help in advance.

either import it into your 3d program or put it together directly in the engine (so either import them into one project or mirgrate them from his to your project)

You can Migrate what you need to move.


Hope this helps…

Thank you for responding. We are making an open world and thought the best way to do it would for us to each take sections to work on. What I did was start a new project and then created a new level and built my building there. What I can not figure out is how I will then take my building and put it into the world. I was hoping everything could be done inside the unreal engine. I will look into the link you posted about migrating when I get home. Thanks.

Oh, you create the building with the bsp brushes?

I kind of followed the video for making the office tutorial using the geometry blocks and then resized them add the windows and doors

Then just select all the parts -> Ctrl+C -> open the other map -> Ctrl + V

Like I said I am very new to this so sorry if I am not describing everything right. Also posting off of my phone which makes things fun.

Ok thanks I will try that when I get home.

Is there a way to select all of the parts and make them 1 object instead of all the individual parts once you have everything how you want it?

Either group your meshes or when you use brushes, then you could also just select all parts -> convert it to a mesh

Ok thanks for taking the time I will be sure to start checking out your videos! I’m sure I will have some more questions for you soon :slight_smile:

No problem, when you have more questions just ask them here in the forum :wink:

Thanks what you suggested worked copying over the files to my other project, the only problem is the materials that I added to the walls did not copy over when I did that. Is this possible to do, or should I detail everything once im done placing it in the world?

You will have to migrate your materials to the other project -> right click onto it -> merge -> choose the folder -> make sure that you have the same folder structure in your new project, because otherwise you will have to reassigne the textures