Creating Blueprint node graph for material with Python?

How can one create a new Blueprint material nodes from a python script?

import unreal
material = unreal.Material(‘Material’)

is there an example?

Not sure it’s possible currently. I would assume you need to call


Something like

import unreal

def main():

if __name__ == '__main__':

Never had any luck with Factories seeing I always get

AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute MaterialFactoryNew

You could try see if you have better luck, some other stuff I had missing from my Python seem to have existed for others such as the Undo context.

This is how you create a new blueprint asset:

As you can see in, the name of the file that should be created is BP_VRMainCharacter.

In **blueprint.create(name, path, unreal.Character) **the third parameter is the parent class that defines the type of the blueprint being created. So, try changing this to a material type. Which material type? Maybe there is a material type you can find in the Documenation:

I’m stuck on something else… once the Blueprint is created… is there a way to script adding Event Graph nodes into the Blueprint?

For example, is it possible to create the Event Graph pictured below with python script?


Hey there @gmilligan - did you ever solve your last question? Are you able to use Python to add nodes to the Event Graph somehow?
I’m trying the same thing…