Creating Blender models and exporting them into UE

Hello there!

I’m having some ideas for creating a spaceship (inculding interior) in Blender, and I would like to export them into UE4.26.

I worked on some small things in Blender which I exported into UE, but it seems my export settings are not good. The exportes meshes are very very tiny, and if I make them bigger I can’t properly texture them in UE because the texture will be streched.

Besides, I would love to give different parts of the spaceship different textures, so I think I can’t ‘group’ the different blocks in Blender. But how do I export the full ship the way it is, without needing to export every block each and putting them back in place after the export to UE?

I hope you’re having some advices on the export settings (from Blender to UE) and are able to answer my questions, I would love to hear what you have to say!

All the best and stay healthy everybody!

Are you using the latest version of Blender? Things come over exactly the same size for me.

If you make a groups of objects in Blender and give them different materials ( just different names, they material can just be white ), and choose ‘selected items’ at export, they will come over as separate objects in UE. If you select all those assets in the UE content browser and drag them into the level, they will be place correctly with reference to each other.

Hey @ClockworkOcean !

I am using the latest version, yes. Please have a look at the photo I posted. That’s my problem with the textures I’m having. They surface of the objects look streched. Maybe it’s also important to mention, that I had to change the export settings from blender. I needed to change the export scale to 0.25, so that the exported fbx files are close to the size that a block of the same size has in UE4 has.

That’s because I told you to set up your scene to metric .001 before doing anything at all…

People who omit the step, often have the OPs problem…

Go to the scene settings, set the units to what is essentially centimeters, scale your model up by 100, apply transforms, and export with the proper face/edge settings.

You can use my plugin for convenience

Exporting from engine and importing to blender a mannequin via the import button will actually set the scene to the correct values for you.
the buttons for faces and edges will automatically export the model with the proper settings
note there was an FBX IO update of recent, so you may actually need the curves export plugin if they changed any of the function headers… if you get errors when exporting that’s probably what it is. Haven’t had time to check what they actually did inside the IO yet.

The texture stretching is a UV problem, for sure. You need to fix that in Blender.

If I export the default cube from Blender, it ends up 2x the size of the default cube in UE.

MH: I never really get this. I mean, surely they’ve got scaling nailed by now. Isn’t a meter just a meter?

I just checked, for added confusion, the Blender cube is 2m square. Which means that it’s the right size by default in UE… :-/