Creating Bitmaps from HAP Video Files

Would someone be able to explain or point me in the right direction for some tutorials for the following question.

Is there a way to extract a single frame from a File Media Source and assign it to either itself or a UI widget so there can be a visual reference of what video is what?

What I am trying to do is create a viewer for my 1k something video files and then be able to tell a selected media player to play each one.

Attached is a sample picture with an example of what i am shooting for from a program I made in another application named Touch Designer.

Each one of those smaller images will trigger a python script that tells my media player(the larger image in the bottom) to start playing based on the parameters associated with the ID and file name.

Hopefully all of that makes sense enough. Let me know if i need to clarify anything.

Thanks in advance.:slight_smile: