Creating Assets

Hi, i’m WadPaz. I’m new to the unreal engine and unreal forums
and i was wondering about content creation. Could you give me
some tips for 3d modeling programs or anything that could help me?

It would be great if you could link me some tutorials on how to
get started with modeling and texturing.

Hi Wad and welcome to the fun :).

At this stage may I suggest that the documentations from UE Devs, Video and Text/Image based tutorials by the community and the devs via the Learn otions in UE4 and the forums and also Youtube is probably your best way of learning a few things.

Be patient and watch/read as much as you can, try and split things down into sections of what you feel is best to learn first and attack from that point, there is a whole heap of learning resources, tutorials, videos and more in relation to 3d modelling in general and that’s before you hit the UE4 options.

Enjoy and remember… The patient man rides a donkey… not a GSXR750 :slight_smile:

Welcome to the UE4 community!

As a semi serious 3D moddeler who started from almost nothing. I can say a few credible things. I’ve been modeling for 4 years now and have made no money. Not because I suck but because 3D models focused on making money will make you very unhappy.

Only model for the purpose of making yourself better until your work can add competition to the feild you prefer. In other words work to better yourself, not to make money or fame.

As for programing. I can’t do anything.

I recommend Blender rather than autodesk Maya. Blender actually works for longer than a half hour.

As for tutorials, Unreal YouTube channel should get you started. Same for TeslaDev.

For Blender try Blender cookie.

Best of luck to you! Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

I started modeling at the beginning of this year, learning in my spare time, and have learned a ton from online tutorials.

I’ve used YouTube quite a bit, but I learned the most from paid tutorials on sites like Their clear step by step approach, including beginner tutorials, was a HUGE help. The price is low enough and has more than paid for itself IMO. These tutorials were a huge help getting me started from nothing.

Next I’ll be moving on to The Gnomon Workshop for their amazing tutorials, which are also now subscription based at a good price:

For modeling software, I ended up sticking with Maya LT for game modeling. I did not like the interface for Blender at all. A lot of people do though, so you should try it and see if it works for you since it’s free.