Creating Asset with Editor Utility

I’m trying to make an Editor Utility function that initializes folders and assets that are necessary for modding a map into a game I’m modding.

It was easy to make directories but after a full day of searching, I couldn’t find a way to create assets from a Blueprint.

Now I’m wondering is this even possible to create assets and save them in Content with Editor Utility / Blueprint? or maybe it would be possible in python?

You can with the Create Asset node. You need to create the correct factory which you can not do with construct object node. I instead use a free plugin to do that (Lowe Entry Extended Standard Library).


Thanks, that worked. i’m 90% there, the only thing left is a blueprint class based on GameModeBase. any tips on how to do that?

also is there a way to do this without this plugin? so it would be easier to share with community.

I can’t find the node “create object” in 4.24.3.

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Thanks! BTW I’m able to create material instance constant assets without reference a factory (leave it unconnected).

Hi, how do you do that?
Thanks :smiley:

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I released my samples here (free): Preparation tools for Unreal Engine assets by Huân Lê-Vương (

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Thank you!
Testing in UE5… I found that the ‘Create Asset’ node works fine. however, the ‘Create Asset with Dialog’ node crashes for me when the dialog is closed.
Also ‘Create Asset’ node works with the Factory unconnected. I wonder what is it for, and how to make one ‘Factory’ for a custom BP class?

Same here! Did you find anything on how to make a Factory for a custom BP class?

try use this ,asset class use blueprint ,then reparent blueprint,


Did you find a way to do that?