Creating Array for Spectating While Dead

I am trying to create the function to have a dead players spectate the live members of their team. I figured the way to do this would be to create an array with all of the players of the game, then branch that array to determine which team they’re on by using a boolean for the team. So True means Team A and False means Team B. I am having issues with the creating of the array for all of the players within the game.

Do I want to make it a string array so I can use their names? Do I make a structure to have as the Variable type of array?

I guess I am just over thinking this to death to where I am now stuck with figuring out should I do an Add Unique to create an Array, and if so, what type of array? Or do I go with a structure that an array has the Players name and their team saved to it? And if I go the Struct way, is there an easy way to add that type of information to the array? Since it would be a Text Variable and a Boolean…

yeah so any help is greatly appreciated!