Creating Ark Plugin for Client/Server

I am wanting to create a mod for Ark. I have no experience writing mods for any game and minimal experience programing with C++ and C#, but typically google the hell out of code until I accomplish my goals. That being said, I would like to write a very simple plugin mod. I’m not currently asking for anything more than assitance with finding a tutorial for creating basic plugins. Preferrable one that really shows a plugin behaving differently between server and client (client sends data, server performs action). I’m not sure if this was the most appropriate place to post this topic and I’m sorry for the inconvienance if it isn’t.

My background: I have created and released an Android first person zombie base building shooter which I decided not to update and took off the market. I have 2 years of C++ programming experience back in HS (10 years ago) and more recently worked on a C# project for an external program which created a tech tree internally for a game (Not technically a mod as it didn’t modify the game itself. It created a file which the user input into the game files.). Thanks in advance for any help.