Creating areas around a mesh based on it's size


I’m working on a RTS game and I’ve hit a wall and could use some help.
Buildings in the game have different sizes and what I need is a way of creating multiple box collisions and scene components based on the size of the building, and these “Entrance Areas” are placed around the building on equal sides.

If the building is 2 tile units then each of the sides will have 2 “Entrance Areas”, if the building is 2*4 tile units then the building will have 2 “Entrance Areas” on one side and 4 on the other.

While I can set this up manually for each building (some of which are 15 tile units) I would rather it work through the construction script of the master BP for the buildings and I just define a tile size for each building.

I currently just have a box collision that is slightly larger than the mesh and the scene component is the centre of the mesh. I need the Box Collisions to be created around the building with a scene component in the centre of each.

Any help will be appreciated, I should point out that I’m not a coder (I’m an artist), with basic blueprint understanding.



So thanks to a streamer that I know (not sure If I’m allowed to post a link to his stream) I have this partially working. I can create a grid of collision boxes and scene components around the mesh, what I still need is to work it out is having it so that the corners and middles areas are added.