Creating AnimBP Node or Skeletal Control?

Hey guys, not sure if this is where this is supposed to go since its more C++ oriented, but the other group in here states clearly its for gameplay C++… so if its in the wrong place, feel free to move it :wink:
So my problem is, I am trying to write a node for unreal that is like Pose Driver
I used this tutorial as a base, and it appears its too old and way too much has changed in unreal since it was written,_Translate_With_Complete_Source_Code_and_Instructions
Has anyone written a new tutorial for this type of node? I have not been able to find anything!
It would be nice to just start with File->New C++ Class, however right now the only thing in the parent classes is Blueprint Function Library, which as far as I know is different :frowning:
Any help would be appreciated!!