Creating Animations WITHIN Persona

Hi there! First off, I would like to say, glad to be part of the team!

Now my question is something that has been bugging me for a **** long time! I wanted to add an animation (in this case a CROUCH animation) to the default skeletal mesh. When I open up persona, I duplicate the Idle animation, change the name to crouch, and when I start messing around with the bones to form a good “crouched” pose, I hit play and he just stays in that position, blended throughout ALL other Animation Sequences (including walk, run, jump, etc).

What is the purpose of being able to rotate and move and pose characters if you can’t make any animations with them? I have searched and searched and cannot find any documentation or tutorials otherwise on the subject, they are all about creating animations OUTSIDE of Persona with their own characters.

Any help would be great! This has been driving me nuts for ages! Thanks again :wink:

You cannot use persona to create animations. you need a 3º party program.

why you can rotate or move the bones?
I not sure, for example you can use to check values when work with physic drives animationes.

You can create animationes moving the bones with code, but this is a big task.

Alright thanks! Straight and simple answer :wink: At least I know it IS possible to export skeletal mesh to the likes of Blender and Maya, will that export the animations with it? Or are they separate files? I think I remember reading somewhere that they are separate files.

And perhaps they have yet to fully implement a reason for it, because surely such a complex system wouldn’t have been made for something so trivial?

One file for the skeletal mesh, and one file for each animation.

yeaa, to use a only tool for everything can look like the homer Simpson’s car.

I think the implication is, since you can move all those bones -now-, and set poses -now-, it seems all that’s missing is to export that (or store internally) as part of a new animation… all the framework is there, we just need to be able to push those incremental changes to a new file as a new animation (or the newly positioned bones be tracked in a current animation copy with bone location offsets).

It’s not overly trivial to do, I’m sure… but it sure isn’t anything more added to our current tool in terms of making it into a Simpson’s car :wink: