Creating animations with support for weapon, no weapon, crouch, stand, etc..

Am I thinking about this the correct way?

I’d first create an idle animation with arms down, no weapon, then walk, then jog.

Then I’d create a blend space just like in the third person example.

Then, if I wanted the same thing but with a “holding rifle” animation, I’d edit the arms in the idle, walk, and jog animations and create a second blend space… Right?

Then, I’d have to do this two more times if I wanted crouch/no weapon, and crouch/weapon.

Is this the correct way to go about it? I assume so considering the AnimStartPack has a separate animation for each state.

What ever you do make sure it’s has a fluid motion to it. As you seen the idle walk run. or attempted the tutorial then have punch end/ jump end… Make sure you blend these the correct way to get great results/