Creating animated stuff with Megascan Trees and Unreal Engine

Hi! This week Quixel released a new early access tree collection! I am talking about the amazing free tool called Megascan Trees. Let’s try them just chilling with this dark and mystic environment! I am making a cinematic sequence that I’ll share in this channel. You will see these trees change colors and wind intesity. I’d like to point out that these trees are ready to be used for real time render, there are a lot of parameters ready to be animated by you! Of course you can add new parameters and play with the environment. Enjoy!

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I remember when I was first getting into unreal and I kept hearing about Quixel and their crazy list of assets. I scrolled through page after page of rocks and textures and thought it was so strange to not see trees.

Now that the wait is over, it was definitely worth it. They look spectacular!

Great job on the environment display, it looks great. :sunglasses: :+1: