Creating and editing blueprints at runtime

Let’s say you wanted to create game where the player should be able to program a unit. Would it be theoretically possible to leverage UE4’s Blueprint System at runtime?

I don’t necessarily need the full power of UE4’s Blueprint System but rather something similar in game that enables the player to create some custom logic for predefined units without entering text.

Hi Seal,

First I’d like to make sure I understand what you’re looking to do. Ideally, you’d like at some point in your game, to bring up the Blueprint Editor for players to create their own blueprints in game?

While this would be awesome, it would be a large undertaking. Most of the building blocks for the blueprint interface are excluded from game builds (the graph/node ui, etc.). Furthermore, for cooked game builds the blueprint code that is generated is optimized since it doesn’t have to work with the editor visualization. All the necessary bits are left out for a reason.

This all said, there is nothing stopping you from trying this yourself. You have access to the source via GitHub. It will be an uphill battle for sure, and I’m skeptical that all that hard work would be worth it (creating a more simplified/constrained interface is something you may benefit more from).

The Blueprint Editor is built in Slate, the same system you’d leverage for in-game ui, so you can easily build your own graph/node system if you’d like (using the Blueprint Editor for reference). Keep us posted as you develop this, what you’re trying to do sounds exciting!

Cheers - MikeB