Creating an Ultima Online like Inventory System


I need to code a similar UI to Ultima Online.

For those that dont know what Im talking about:

The inventory must be pixel perfect, so it’s going to account for alpha when I try to drag it around the screen, drag the items inside, etc.

Could you guys give me some tips on how to approach this? Firstly, what UI package you guys think I should use? Slate? Scaleform?

Whatever you do be sure you cover up your reagent bag function under a ton of bedroll functions so thieves don’t steal your code.

You should really prototype this with Slate using Blueprints; there is an example map of this in the Content Examples called Blueprint_HUD (albeit only demonstrating a basic health bar and buttons). If you run into limitations with BPs doing this you can always move it to C++ later, and having a working version in BPs would make it much easier to get started on a C++ version.

I didn’t take that screenshot, I would proptect my reagent bag properly.

I’ll try that! Thanks for the tip.

That sample is certainly a good one to look at, but it actually uses the HUD (also known as Canvas) rather than Slate. Currently you can only create Slate UI using C++.

Aww, sorry for the misconception; is it at all useable for prototyping what you wanted? The demo didnt look too bad to me, but quite a few BP nodes for only a few images I admit.

I havent looked into it yet, but sure will try.

Hah! I’m not judging. Man, UO is the game that made me want to become a games developer. Old UO is a game that hasn’t been recreated by any AA or AAA developer ever since, and unfortunately the indies that try fail because they’re “hardcore PVP” games first and sandbox MMOs second with little to no other features than “full loot and unrestricted PvP.”

After all these years, stones.mid is one of the few songs that can bring me to tears (the other is Led Zeppelins “I’m going to leave you.”)