Creating an Isolation View In Game

So I’m trying to creating an “isolation view” in my game, kinda like what Skyrim does with some of its items. What I mean by this is that I want to be able to look at an object in my scene, either click on it or hit a button that will take me to a screen where I can play with the object either by zooming in or rotating it.

I have a character blueprint that moves around with a Linetrace to determine what object I am hitting. How can I “isolate” the object that I am hitting and be able to do what I want?

If you’re still looking for solutions for this and by now I’m pretty sure you already got the solution… I only can give you a way out search for “Object inspection UE” there will be a lot of solution or here~

this is exactly what we’re looking for :smiley: Hopefully you’re doing fine and for those who is lost direction finding for answers ;D good luck