Creating an interactive dictionary using blueprints

I’m working on an educational project which includes an interactive dictionary of 2500+ entries, and so far so good - the only thing I need to do is to automate the translation process. For each of string values in 1 language I need to return a particular string value in another language and render it using “set text”. I’ve tried doing it manually using “switch on string”, but it doesn’t seem to be a rational way at all - here’s what I have, and it already is bulky: 1973b6dca01b559b140313936c9a3567369b1ea5.jpeg.

Do you have any ideas how I could automate this process - such as using arrays or enums? Unfortunately, my knowledge of programming isn’t enough to know what exactly I need to do.


Imo, use two arrays string, and use a compare string in the first, they set a position, that you can use to get in the second array string.

¡Muchas gracias! I finally understood how to do that - I had to use “find”!
Now it works like a miracle and I can easily create huge arrays and use them!