creating an input controlled sequence?

I’m creating a dialogue system using blueprint which consists of custom events to make creation easier. This is a non-working example of how a character blueprint will look like. This will be in the world blueprint:

However, I am not sure how to execute each element of the conversation in an input controlled sequence. For example, when the 1st sentence is executed, the blueprint is held until a ‘next’ button is pressed, where the blueprint will move onto the next sentence ect.
I would like to stay with this layout as it will be the most efficient when handling large amounts of characters and dialogue options inside them.
Any help in making this system will be appreciated as it is becoming a block in production.


You could do something similar to the Fallout series where it’s paused until either the player clicks on the screen, or with a backup delay of say, 10 seconds

Pausing the game is a good idea, but it would be only cosmetic and would not stop the flow of the executable in the context.
It seems that blueprints where not made for waiting for the player, or not in the way i planned to make this system.

Maybe use a multi gate in order to stage the executes (e.g. press space bar/mouse click for next execute).