Creating an infinite bluprint loop.


I know this is a bad thing, but i accidentally created a child actor in a blueprint and tried to assign the blueprint i was working in to the child blueprint, its surprisingly easy to do it you still have that blueprint selected in the asset browser. Obviously it cant reference itself inside its self, that’s just madness. However Unreal should just block you from being able to do that. Instead it has corrupted my project. every level i try to load just crashes to desktop, with a really uninformative call stack.

Are there backups anywhere that i can restore? i wasn’t that far along, so i hadn’t set up version control yet… lol my bad again :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about this problem :frowning: Detecting this case seems quite possible, I added a bug to our system to prevent you from doing it, hopefully we can get to it soon. I’m afraid we don’t make backup copies of all assets, I would certainly recommend using version control!

Look in you Projects/Saved/Backup folder it does save backups of Blueprints.

Thanks guys. the backups are a big help.

AI don’t know if you guys are aware but i made another thread in the blueprints section on this, but you can corrupt your blueprints in other ways. i think its something to do with macros. when i restored an earlier version of my blue prints my macros were messed up, missing half their contents.

Haha I still learn something every day! Thanks Shane :rolleyes: