Creating an in-game model viewer?

Hello! I am fairly new to the Unreal Engine 4. Right now, I have a shelf full of objects and am wondering how to create an object viewer if that object is clicked on. For example, a box is sitting on the shelf. If you click on that box, a “light box effect” will occur and a 3D rotatable version of that box will fade into view, allowing the player to rotate that object freely. When they are done looking at the object, they can click outside of it to make it go away and continue walking around. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

I am very interested in this for my main menu using Gamepad support. I’ll play around with this today and if no one answers, hopefully I’ll figure it out. I’m sure it would have something to do with creating a HUD and adding the model to it and messing with the rot whenever there’s an input. My suggestion off the top of my head would be to look on youtube at the “Option Menu” Tutorials which does not use UMG because I think the way they create those menus are the starting point since they are using 3d text in 3d space for those menus. Personally I’d like to combine it with UMG.

Thanks liondog! I will check out the Option Menu tutorials today. I thought I might be able to do this using a toggleable 3d Widget, but I can’t seem to figure out how to make an actor appear inside the widget. I think you are right though, it will have to be set up similar to a menu, except showing the object instead of multiple menu options. Sorry, I’m still trying to figure out a lot about how the engine works, so I’m not much help!

Any other hints or ideas are greatly appreciated! Thanks

Any news on this?

I made a similar post:

that seems simple, what the problem?

you do the basic EPIC tutorials?