Creating an exe in a different folder when packaging

When I package my game, the executable gets packed inside the the \WindowsNoEditor\GameProject\Binaries\Win32 folder. However in Unreal Paris 1.3 for example the executable is in the Main folder (see picture). How would I accomplish the same result? Many thanks.


Hello JakobR,

Thank you for your patience while waiting for a response on this issue.

I was wondering if you were still experiencing this issue?

Also does this still occur in a more recent version of the engine?

Again, thank you very much for your patience.

Hey ,
Thanks for the reply.
Does it imply that you recommend using the most recent version of the engine? 4.9 ? I’ve done a large project in 4.5 and switching engine version at this point would bring unforeseen issues, I imagine. Clearly there must be some convenient way to have the exe packaged in the main folder? or other folders

Hey JakobR,

I’ll get back to you on that. I thought the root folder was the standard packaging folder. Hmm.