Creating an event queue - Blueprint/Level Communication


I’m looking to create an event queue in my game to handle future events with long lead times. Simple unit example: a placed actor (tree), which grows larger every day of played game time. I can do this example easily from the Actor Blueprint, but i would like to create a centralized queue of future events (either on the Level BP or Game BP?), where

  1. an actor loads information for a future event onto the central queue,
  2. the queue is sorted by time-to-initiate, and is checking against game time, selecting items that are to be initiated,
  3. as a queue item comes current, a call is initiated to the actor to conduct whatever action it was that was queued.

As with everything in BP scripting, I can think of several ways of doing this, but would really like to hear from people how they would approach this.

This might have been well discussed somewhere, but I can’t find it. Please just link me over if so.