Creating an assets/items/meshes list (async load needed?)

Hello! Im trying to develop an inventory system (being able to trade, place and equip items) in UE4 and looking for any way to be able to place those items (or equip them, already have a modular pawn system) I may need to list all those meshes in one place. I have two questions:

  • Is there any way to list them (some kind of database or library) without loading all those meshes on memory (maybe Im just wrong, but if I remember well, all those blueprint mesh/actor references are hard links so they are loaded as soon as the first blueprint is)? Are the meshes loaded even if they arent on level (just referred)? Do I really should care about it (PC game)? About 300-500 meshes/assets.

  • Ive read some about Aync loading for assets and may be the answer Im looking for but, after programming, I would like to make Blueprint user friendly functions to call to load those assets. I read this: and may help for the modular pawn but I would need to load assets function in BP (items with a mesh) to be able to place them in game, not just the modular pawn. Any way to deal with it just with blueprints?

Maybe Im missing something and the way to go is just to struct “itemcode, mesh ref, attributes” and then make them actors (BP) in the content browser and ref them without being worried about memory, but doesnt feels right at first sight.

Thank you for any help!