Creating an Airport


I am creating the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in UE4 for a little project. I’ve been having trouble starting to build the buildings and terrain.

Any suggestions on:
1: Creating large indoor environments with levels (3-7 levels per terminal)
2: Creating walls and windows from floor plans (without dimensions)
3: Revit to 3Ds Max to UE4, 3Ds Max to UE4, or UE4 only for level designing?
4: Making floors of terminals
5: Making runways and tarmac terrain


You are lucky that you picked a small one for learning!

  1. modular
  2. modular
  3. use as backgroundimage and make it modular.
  4. modular
  5. runways spline or modular, terrain inside ue or 3dsmax, makes no difference.

Thanks, Luftbauch!

Any good tips, methods, or tutorials that help learn about the topics in my first post?

Model a basic building first, then import that without errors. Then break it down into modular parts.
Add more parts for a year. Import in UE, done.
I use Blender only, could not help with 3DSmax. Google

Will do. Thanks for the link.