Creating Airport in UE4 Somewhat Accurately


I am wanting to make Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in UE4 with the most accuracy as possible. I have floor plans and some general images for references, but I don’t know how to start designing the floors.

There are multiple levels to the Airport and there are 8 terminals with at least 3 levels per terminal. The terminals also have stairwells, elevators, and escalators that connect them. Under the whole airport runs a train that transports people between terminals.

How do you suggest approaching this so that all levels work together and are as accurate as can be?

How would you suggest to build walls, insert windows, and add openings for level changes?


do it like an architect. take the measures and build them.

I don’ have any dimensions though…

What I’m stuck on is how to start making walls. I can go over the images in 3Ds Max and make the general layout. The more I can do in UE4 is preferred.

If you are trying to do it accurately without any measurements or plans its going to be very challenging.

Also for a high quality project you are going to have trouble using just the unreal engine for modelling.

Other than that… Start by building rectangular wall sections and some wall sections that have holes cut through them for windows. Try to keep your lengths and heights on the unreal grid and as close to real world values as possible. For example a 1 floor building usually has around 8 foot ceilings which is close to 250 cm.

Best of luck! :smiley:

UE4 is not a modelling program. You’ll need to model everything out in 3dsMax and then bring those models into UE4.

I agree. In my opinion, it is easier to do as much in unreal just to avoid all the possible problems of making an entire building inside of 3ds Max and importing it.

You shouldn’t import the entire building as a singular mesh. For performance reasons and alot less headaches in creating collisions, you basically create the building, then import pieces of it into the engine. At that point, you re-assemble the building. The more pieces you re-use (instancing), the better.

Also, a word of advice, although it may not be 100% accurate in as so far as measurements go, make sure all of your pieces fit into a base-10 grid spacing. 10, 20, 50, 1010, etc… that makes placing meshes in the world much easier.

Thanks, SaviorNT. Gonna give it a go soon.